University of Glasgow Library Building

Client University of Glasgow
Project Library Building
Scale Overcladding to Existing Envelope
Services Cost Consultancy


The University of Glasgow Library is a landmark building situated on one of the highest sites in the city.  It was constructed in 1965-68 and comprises a concrete framed structure with six service towers, the highest of which is 17 storeys.  The pre-cast concrete cladding of the service towers had deteriorated over time, threatening to become unstable and unsafe.  They contain excessive quantities of calcium chloride and are subject to progressive chloride attach.  Some panels had already fractured and pieces of concrete had fallen from the building.

After completing a detailed review it was concluded that the best technical solution to the problem, and the only one economically viable, was to overclad the building.
Discrete points below the principal elements of our commission:

Financial Out-Turn

Completed within the agreed timescale and to the client’s budget this project is considered to be extremely successful.