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New Tiger Enclosure, Edinburgh Zoo

New Tiger Enclosure, Edinburgh Zoo

Client Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
Project New Tiger Enclosure, Edinburgh Zoo
Scale Various
Services Advisor to Principal Designer 


New Tiger Enclosure for visitor viewing, enclosure fencing, glass & steel structure over visitor viewing path, building for animal shelter & welfare.    

Construction of Enclosure Fence, Visitor Tunnel, Tiger building, Visitor paths and shelters.
Enclosure Fence  
Steel weldmesh fixed between steel posts approx. 6m high above surrounding finish levels, concrete foundations

Visitor Tunnel
In-situ concrete slab and walls supporting faceted steel arch structure, fabricated in 8 segments off-site. Segments bolted together, with laminated single glazing fitted externally and mastic sealed.

Visitor Paths
Walkways with permeable finish, timber edging.

Tiger Building
Single leaf blockwork structure with timber rain screen cladding. Timber trussed mono-pitch insulated sedum roof. Suspended beam & block floor with ventilated void. Internal tiger dens with bespoke metalwork sliding doors and remote operation using cable system. Visitor viewing window. Metalwork cage tunnel links between existing and new external enclosures.

Visitor Shelters
5 no. Proprietary timber structures with part open walls, and shingle and metal sheet roofing.

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  • Constructionline
  • ISO 14001 2021
  • ISO 45001 2021
  • ISO 9001 2021